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Stake - Add nominator

Stake with us

Make sure to use our validator address when staking with us:

StakeSafe Amsterdam Validator Address
StakeSafe Rotterdam Validator Address

Stake Tokens

To start staking AZERO tokens with us open the Substrate Portal (also known as the 'Aleph Zero Wallet') in your webbrowser.

Aleph Zero Substrate Portal
  1. Go to Accounts -> Accounts to check your accounts

You need one stash account and one controller account. Hold the amount you would like to delegate in your stash account. Make sure to have a small amount (for example 1 AZERO) in the controller account to pay for the transactions.

Aleph Zero Wallet


Some of the screenshots in this manual were created at the identical testnet network. Make sure to use for the Substrate Portal of the Aleph Zero Mainnet network.

  1. When your accounts are ready go to Network -> Staking

Aleph Zero Wallet

  1. Click Accounts in the Staking submenu

Aleph Zero Wallet

  1. Click + Nominator

Aleph Zero Wallet

  1. Setup your nominator. Select the stash account and controller account and type the value to bond. Click next:

Aleph Zero Wallet

  1. Now you can search for our validators and select the validator of your choice. When finished, click Bond & Nomintate:

Aleph Zero Wallet

  1. Authorize the transaction:

Aleph Zero Wallet

  1. All done! You created a new nominator and bonded these funds to a validator. You can check this in the Network -> Staking -> Accounts submenu:

Aleph Zero Wallet


To stake tokens this will take 1 ERA (+- 24 hours). To unbond tokens this will take 14 era's (+- 14 days).