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Aleph Zero Validators

StakeSafe hosts two validators for staking your AZERO tokens on the Aleph Zero Mainnet. At our website you can see the live status of our validators.

Our main validator is hosted in Amsterdam. Use the address below to stake to this validator.

StakeSafe Amsterdam Validator Address

Our second validator is hosted in Rotterdam. Use the address below to stake to this validator.

StakeSafe Rotterdam Validator Address

If you have less than 2000 AZERO to delegate you can join our pool.

StakeSafe Pool
#17 StakeSafe Pool

SLA level

For our Aleph Zero Validators our SLA level Always 24/7 99,9% is applied. This excellent SLA level guarantees a downtime of less than nine hours per year. We achieve this with the following safety measures:

  • For every validator we run a dedicated backup node available in a seperate availability zone
  • Our validators are being monitored every second. Failures of our validators are automatically detected and one of our network engineers is alerted
  • Fail-over scripts are ready for our engineers to start a fail-over within seconds. Because of slashing risks we did not implement automatic fail-overs on the Aleph Zero Mainnet.

Automated Payouts

As an additional service to our delegators we initiate a payout of your rewards automatically after every era.

Fee for our validators

We believe trust cannot be taken for granted, but should be earned instead. Therefore we offered a really low starting fee of 2.0% at the start of community validators joining the network. This fee will be increased in small steps to cover all our costs.

The fee for using our validators is 2%. When you stake for example 2000 AZERO with us and the network gives for this stake in one year 300 AZERO of emission rewards, you will receive 294 AZERO and we receive 6 AZERO fee (2 % of 300 AZERO). This is automatically distributed by the network.

Non-custodial staking

When you stake your XRD tokens with a validator of StakeSafe your tokens always stay safe inside your Aleph Zero Wallet. Your tokens are delegated to our validator until you unstake. We cannot touch or send your tokens. This is called non-custodial staking.

We will never ask for your (private) keys or to send your tokens to us. Please be very careful for scammers.