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This document serves as a guide for Radix node operators on the Babylon Mainnet to establish a connection with our custom seednode. Our seednode is a dedicated node that is maintained to assist new and existing nodes in discovering peers within the Radix network, often providing a broader network view than the default foundation seednodes.

Connecting to our seednode not only enhances your node's connectivity and synchronization with the Radix network but also enables us to easier monitor the online status and incoming connection acceptance of your node for our dashboard. This document will guide you through the steps necessary to connect with our seednode and detail the benefits of doing so.

StakeSafe Seednode Radix Babylon Mainnet

Benefits of Connecting to Our Seednode

  • Enhanced Discovery: Connect to a larger pool of peers, improving your node's network integration.
  • Daily Updates: Our seednode refreshes its peer list every 24 hours, ensuring access to the latest and most comprehensive network information.
  • Monitoring: Integration with our dashboard for real-time online status and connection acceptance monitoring.
  • Support and Community: Easier for our team to provide support and assistance due to established connectivity.

Configuration Steps

Incorporating our seednode into your network configuration is a straightforward process. Follow the steps below to enhance your node's connectivity and synchronization with the Radix network.

  1. Locate Configuration File: Navigate to your node's configuration file, which is typically named default.config.

  2. Edit Configuration: Open the default.config file in your preferred text editor.

  3. Add Seednode: Locate the network.p2p.seed_nodes= entry in the configuration file. This line specifies the seed nodes that your Radix node will connect to when joining the network.

  4. Update Seednode List: Add our seednode's address to the existing list of seed nodes. Append our seednode address to the list, ensuring that each entry is separated by a comma.

Here is an example of what the updated entry might look like:

  1. Restart your node: Restart your node to save the configuration

Thank you for contributing to the robustness and efficiency of the Radix network.

SLA level

For our Radix Seed Node our SLA level Next Business Day 99% is applied.