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Radix Network Dashboard

Validator Metrics on Radix Network Dashboard

The Radix Network Dashboard is designed to provide detailed insights into the performance and status of validators on the Radix network. This guide will help you understand the various metrics displayed for each validator.

Validator Profile

These values are primarily configured by the node-runner

  • Validator Name: Name of the validator, often with a recognizable icon or logo.
  • Validator URL: A direct link to the validator’s information page or website for more details.

The content at the provided URL has not been verified by our team. Please exercise caution and do your own due diligence when visiting external sites.

  • Validator Address: The unique address that identifies the validator on the Radix network.
  • LSU Resource: Identifies the Liquid Staking Unit resource of the validator.
  • Public Key: The cryptographic key that secures and identifies the validator.
  • Nominal Validator Fee: The fee percentage the validator charges on staking rewards.
  • External Stake Accepted: Indicates if the validator is open to external staking.
  • Registered: Reflects if the validator is registered as an active validator.

Uptime Metrics

These values are indicative of the validator's performance and uptime statistics

  • Recent Uptime (14 days / 4032 Epochs): Shows the reliability over the past 14 days.
  • Total Uptime since Babylon: The validator’s total uptime percentage since the inception of the Babylon network.
  • Recent Proposals Missed: Number of missed proposals in the past 14 days.
  • Recent Proposals Made: Count of proposals made by the validator in the same period.
  • Total Proposals Missed: Accumulative count of missed proposals.
  • Total Proposals Made: Accumulative count of made proposals.

Validator Delegation Overview

  • Rank by Delegated Stake: Position in the overall network based on the stake amount.
  • Delegators #: The total number of stakeholders.
  • Delegated Stake: Sum of XRD staked with the validator.
  • Delegated Stake %: The percentage of the total network’s stake.
  • Owner Delegation: The amount of XRD the validator has self-staked.
  • LSU2XRD Factor: The conversion factor from LSU to XRD.
  • 14-Day Based APY Projection: Projected yield over a year, based on the last two weeks' data.
  • Effective Validator Fee: The adjusted fee after APY consideration.

Connection and Location

These values reflect the network information associated with the validator

  • Online Status: Current connectivity status of the validator.
  • Accepts Connections: Whether new connections are currently being accepted.
  • Provider: The hosting service for the validator node.
  • Country: The physical location of the validator node.

Please check our Accepts Connections Guide if your validator is shown as not accepting connections.

Technical Node Details

These technical values are retrieved directly from the validator's node

  • Version: The version number of the Radix node software being run by the validator.
  • Commit: The git commit hash that represents the current version of the software on the node.