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Accepts Connections Guide

Understanding the "Accepts Connections" Metric

The "Accepts Connections" metric on our Radix Network Dashboard is an essential indicator of network health, showing whether other nodes can successfully connect to your validator. On our dashboard we show if we can succesfully connect with your validator.

How we try to connect

We've observed issues with the foundation's seednodes not updating with new Radix URIs. To counteract any potential disconnects, our nodes are now proactively attempting connections with all known validators every hour. Here's how we've improved the metric's reliability:

  • Hourly Connection Attempts: Nodes attempt to connect to each known validator every hour.
  • Port Adjustments: Connections use port 30000 by default, unless otherwise specified as broadcast port in your default.config file.
  • Refresh Cycle: Active connections are checked every 4 minutes.
  • New Seednode URI: A more reliable seed node has been introduced to help with network discovery.

Please add our new seednode URI to your node configuration:


This will help ensure that you maintain robust connectivity and accurate dashboard status.

Troubleshooting "Accepts Connections" Issues

If your validator is shown as not accepting connections, here are the steps you can follow to resolve this:

  1. Check for incoming connections: Use the /system/peers endpoint to inspect for incoming connections.
  2. Validator Proxy Options: Review community guides on proper connection settings.

Please visit this thread on RadixTalk to learn more about Validator Proxy Options:

  1. Ports and Firewalls: Confirm that your ports are open and not blocked by a firewall.
  2. Community Support: Seek help from the Radix community if needed.