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Radix Desktop Wallet

The Radix Desktop Wallet is the default wallet created by the Radix team. This article describes how to use the wallet and how to stake your XRD tokens with StakeSafe.

Getting Started#

To use the Radix Desktop Wallet you need a Windows, Apple or Linux computer.

First download and install the wallet from the Radix website

At first start you need to create a new wallet or restore a previous wallet. When you create a new wallet you will receive a new seed phrase. You will need this phrase to restore this wallet later. Always write down your seed phrase and keep it in a save place. You also need to save your password on a seperate save place.

Windows Wallet


StakeSafe is a non-custodial service. We never ask for your keys and we do not manage them for you. Your keys are your own responsibility.

When you finished restoring or setting up a wallet you will enter the main screen of the wallet:

Windows Wallet

In this screen you see on the top your current address. This is your unique wallet address on the network where you should send your XRD's to. When you have tokens in your wallet you will see the amounts in the main screen.

In the left menu you can navigate through the wallet. You can now send or stake tokens.