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Backup your wallet

Write down your seed phrase#

It is important to make a backup of your wallet. When you installed the wallet you already wrote down or made backups of:

  • Seed Phrase
  • Password

With this information you can restore your wallet later.

Make an additional digital backup#

The Radix Olympia Desktop wallet saves your wallet as well in one single file: wallet.json.

What we are going to do now is make an additional backup of your wallet file. This is another possibility to backup your wallet.

Find the wallet file#

In Windows it is very easy to find the wallet file. It is located in your Appdata -> Roaming folder. Just launch a run windows (WINDOWS KEY + R) and run the command %APPDATA%

Windows Wallet

Look for a folder radix-olympia-desktop-wallet

Windows Wallet

Go inside this folder. You will see a file wallet or wallet.json:

Windows Wallet

Make a back-up of this file. If you restore this file later and know the password you can access your tokens.


Make sure the wallet.json file and your password don't get lost or stolen. Always keep it in a safe and offline place. Keep the password seperate from the wallet file.