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Requests using Postman

A great tool to progress JSON requests is to use the Postman tool ( With this tool you can easilly send JSON requests over the network to a Radix Node or Radix Gateway.

In this example request we are going to request the information about the Radix native token using StakeSafe's Public Radix Network Gateway.

Start the postman application and start by clicking at create request.

Change the request type to POST and change the url to

Windows Wallet

  1. Now go to the body tab
  2. Select raw request
  3. Click dropdown button
  4. Change type to JSON
  5. Enter the JSON request
Native Token Request using POST url /token/native
{    "network_identifier": {        "network": "mainnet"    }}

Windows Wallet

  1. Finish the request clicking the blue Send button
  2. Check the output

Windows Wallet

Timestamps in UTC

Timestamps from the StakeSafe Public Radix Network Gateway are always in UTC.

Checkout the Radix API Specifications to create more requests:

StakeSafe Public Radix Network Gateway (Radix Mainnet)