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Pools - Unbond funds

Make sure to use our pool when staking with us:

StakeSafe Pool
#17 StakeSafe Pool

Unbond funds from a pool#

If you are already a member of a pool and would like to unbond (some of your) funds follow the steps below.

To start visit the Substrate Portal (also known as the 'Aleph Zero Wallet') in your webbrowser.

Aleph Zero Substrate Portal
  1. Go to your Pooled overview (Network -> Staking -> Accounts -> Pooled):

Aleph Zero Wallet

  1. Click at the three dots next to your pool and select Unbond funds

Aleph Zero Wallet

  1. Type the amount you would like to unbond and click Unbond

To unbond all your funds from the pool select all bonded

Aleph Zero Wallet

  1. Authorize the transaction:

Aleph Zero Wallet

6 - Go back to the Pooled overview (Network -> Staking -> Accounts -> Pooled) to see your new bonded amount

It will take 14 eras from now to unbond your funds back to your wallet

Aleph Zero Wallet


To stake tokens this will take 1 ERA (+- 24 hours). To unbond tokens this will take 14 era's (+- 14 days).