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Pools - Join a pool

Make sure to use our pool when staking with us:

StakeSafe Pool
#17 StakeSafe Pool

Join a pool#

Delegating directly to a validator is only available when you can stake 2000 AZERO or more. If you want to stake a lower amount you can join a pool.

If you are able to stake 2000 AZERO or more we strongly suggest to stake directly with a validator as this gives you more possibilities. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of joining a pool:

Advantages of joining a pool

  • You can stake less than 2000 AZERO

Disadvantages of joining a pool

  • Claiming rewards is a manual action
  • Autocompounding is not possible. Though you can manually compound your rewards to the pool

To start joining a pool first open the Substrate Portal (also known as the 'Aleph Zero Wallet') in your webbrowser.

Aleph Zero Substrate Portal
  1. Go to Network -> Staking from the menu:

Aleph Zero Wallet

  1. Click at Pools in the submenu:

Aleph Zero Wallet

  1. Click at Join next to the pool you would like to join:

Aleph Zero Wallet

  1. Type the initial value in AZERO you would like to add to the pool and click the Join button:

Aleph Zero Wallet

  1. Now to submit, authorize the transaction by typing your password and click Sign and Submit:

Aleph Zero Wallet

  1. All done! Go to the Pooled overview to see your pools:

Aleph Zero Wallet


To stake tokens this will take 1 ERA (+- 24 hours). To unbond tokens this will take 14 era's (+- 14 days).