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StakeSafe Quarterly Update

StakeSafe Quarterly Update

Our validators are running rockstable and of course we continue to monitor and improve our services to keep uptimes near 100%. Here is our quaterly update:

First of all great thanks for your trust and staking with us.

We had an amazing second quarter! July 28th was a very memorial day when the Radix Mainnet came live and at August 7th we received our first stake after Instabridge became available.

Radix Mainnet#

  • August 11th was a great day where we left the initial epoch and the community validators became part of the validator set. This day we made our first proposal for the Radix Mainnet.
  • Since August 11th we made over 1.5 million proposals! We lost +- 150 proposals resulting in a total uptime of >99,99 %
  • To ensure the highest possible uptime we decided to migrate our validators from VPS providers to our own hardware platforms. This gives us more performance, control, security and stability. We use virtualisation technology allowing us to have several backup nodes available at any time.
  • We moved our Stokenet validator (Radix testing network) from Rotterdam to Singapore. As well we added a backup node in Singapore to improve decentralisation of the Radix network.

Research & Innovations - A lot of research was done!#

  • We tested several combinations of hardware and software to find the optimal performance for our validators.
  • For maintenance it is necessary to temporary run a validator on another server. We developed our own scripts to achieve this in realtime without impacting uptime.
  • Our failover system is best in class. Failures from our validators are now detected within 20 seconds and our backup nodes start in <5 seconds. We can sleep in peace again. When our alarm rings, a backup validator is already up and running.
  • Beside running our own nodes we also participate in improving the Radix network: recently we discovered an issue in the address book of the node-running software, resulting in validators not connected with eachother. This can make the whole Radix network less stable and slower. We have identified the issue and shared the problem and a possible solution with the other node-runners and the Radix team. It has been resolved for the StakeSafe validators.

What can you expect in Q4 from StakeSafe#

  • Since our own validators are running stable, we want to contribute more to the community to make the entire network more stable.
  • StakeSafe is going to release it's own validator explorer with some new technical parameters to help delegators and validators.

Now that we have achieved our own uptime goals, it's time to raise the fee of the StakeSafe Amsterdam and StakeSafe Rotterdam validators in a small step from 1.0% to 1.5%. The StakeSafe Genesis fee will remain at 2.0%. It will be adjusted today and becomes active after 500 epochs (+- November 15th).

Thanks again for your trust. Please follow us on Twitter @StakeAmsterdam and in our Telegram channel For technical discussion, join #node-runners on the Radix discord.

Radix Profit Calculator

Radix Profit Calculator

Today we are launching the profit calculator on our website! The profit calculator calulates the rewards you will receive if you have a share of the network's total stake.

Rewards are shown in XRD, Euro and US Dollar.

What I personally think is really cool is that you can see the total delegated stake in the network live on our site!

Radix Olympia Mainnet is live!

Radix Olympia Mainnet is live!

Today at 20:00 Amsterdam time the Radix Olympia Mainnet was launched! We prepared our nodes for the Radix Olympia Mainnet!

Our validator addresses are now known and published at our website! Formally you can now start staking with us, but we have to wait for the release of instabridge which will make it possible to swap your eXRD (Ethereum) tokens to native XRD tokens.

We keep you updated.